Review Policy


Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or e-mail review requests to

Please Note: I read (and review) out of a deep passion for and appreciation of the written word; It is not a job and I will not treat it as such.  I am happy to accept books for review consideration, however, please consider the following information before sending a request :

  • I’m always glad to hear from authors, publishers, agents, etc about new books, however I cannot guarantee that I will accept every review request.

  • I will only accept a review request if I am genuinely interested in the concept of a book. however, I WILL respond to every inquiry whether I am interested or not. 

  • With the exception of those acquired through NetGalley, I only accept print ARCs, so please do not request I review books in a digital format.

  • If I accept your review request, a review of your book will appear on my blog provided I am able to finish it.  On rare occasion, I am unable to connect with a book within the first 100 pages, in which case I will not finish or review it.

  • In addition to this blog, I also will ocassionally review books on GoodReads.  While I will always be polite and respectful in my reviews, I will point out weak points in addition to positive responses to a book.

  • By and large, I acquire the majority of my books from The Baltimore Book Thing (, Books for International Goodwill ( and Goodwill.

  • That being said, all ARCs I receive will be donated to those organizations.

What I Like

I am genuinely interested in a vast variety of books and my taste is wholly dependent upon my mood.  As a general rule, I love fiction, young adult, and narrative non-fiction.  Currently, I am especially interested in the following:

  • Dystopian

  • Literary Fiction

  • Fantasy (werewolves, witches, vampires, etc)

  • Adventure

  • Puzzles (ie: Da Vinci Code and the like)

I am absolutely NOT interested in the following:

  • Pure romance (Harlequin-type romance)

  • Informational non-fiction (memoirs are good, but that’s where my non-fiction interest ends)

  • Poetry

Not that there’s anything wrong with these genres; they’re just not my cup of tea and any review I did on them would be biased.

Thank you!


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