Fall 2015 Bloggiesta Recap

I was super nervous about participating in Bloggiesta, but actually had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and met a bunch of awesome people!  I also managed to do EVERYTHING on my to-do list!!!! Can’t wait for the Winter mini in January!

❏ write two posts

During this challenge, I did a review on The Weight of Feathers and The Book of Secrets
❏ update Goodreads reviews

I’m usually pretty good with keeping my reviews up to date on Goodreads, but I went back through and added a link to my blog on all of them!
❏ do two mini challenges

❏ change or fix one thing on your sidebar

I added a “Grab My Button” to my sidebar 🙂 pretty excited about how this one turned out!YGR Button
❏ add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc)

I didn’t exactly “add a page” because I’m happy with the pages I have, but I did add a contact form to the bottom of my review policy, so I think that counts!
❏ change one thing on your layout and/or look

I (finally) added a rating system to my blog and went back in all my reviews and gave them a star rating.
❏ comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs

I did a bunch of this… mostly in relation to Bloggiesta and challenges:-)
❏ participate in at least one Twitter chat

I did two!


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