The Absentee Blogger


Ok, so you may (or may not, depending on my level of noticability) have picked up on the fact that I haven’t been around for a little over a week.  I decided, without warning or regard to other sentient beings in and around the blogosphere, to take a bit of a break.

It may appear, to the less astute eye, that I have vanished, disapparated, or otherwise poofed from existence.  But, have no fear, fellow bookworms, I’m still here!

Why I took a break:

I love books, blogging, and the blogging community so very much that I decided to do ALL THE THINGS!  While this is all well and good, and I had a fabulous time, I took on WAY too much in November.  Unfortunately, the various projects and fun things and goofy bits I participated in converged on me in a 10 day time span that had me running for the hills and dodging glitter balls of stress coming from every direction.


As a result of my dedication, psychosis, insurmountable desire to fit in…however you choose to categorize it, I found my life completely and totally consumed by my blog and its related activities.  I woke up stressing about it, I thought about my ever-growing to-do list morning, noon, and night, and my eyes began popping out of my head from the sheer thought of “How the hell am I going to fit all this in?!”

In short, my blogging life began to resemble a job of sorts; one that infiltrated every fiber of my being, including my life at home.  At one point my husband actually said to me “I feel like I’m sharing you with the computer.”  That’s never a good thing to hear, but it was true.  From the time I got home from work to the time when my eyes ceased to function.  I was doing one of two things… reading a book for review, or doing something blog-related on the computer.  Neither of things had anything to do with spending time with my husband or otherwise engaging in life.


So, I have spent the last week or so finishing the Lux series (DUH!) reading a few “because I want to, not for review, nobody’s nagging me about this” books, and generally trying to ingratiate myself back into my non-cyber life, up to and including cuddling on the couch with NO disruptions (sheer bliss, I tell you).

All that being said, my eyes are now firmly planted back in their sockets (they’ve even lost that perpetual reddish tinge they were developing), my heart rate is back to normal, and my hair has started growing back from the constant pulling (I might exaggerate slightly).  So, I’m ready to get back to it.  I know some bloggers take weeks or even months when they go on hiatus, but I just missed you guys SO.DARN.MUCH!  In the future, I’m going to try to take it easier on myself, not overload on “doing all the things” and just try to be generally better at time management and balance.

I’ll see you in a day or two with a review or something otherwise fun, but until then, tackle hugs and face kisses!


4 thoughts on “The Absentee Blogger

  1. circumspect41 says:

    I am glad you are back and l did the same thing you did. I refused to say no to anything that was asked of me. So, I finally decided that I would meet my commitments that I had and then I’m only doing what I am what to do on my blog. Just like Loretta Lynn said in Coal Miner’s Daughter. “Patsy (Cline) said, ‘Girl, you gotta run your life.’ But right now it feels like my life’s runnin’ me.” So, I feel ya!


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