5 Reasons I Loved Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy is, theoretically, living every xenophile’s dream… She’s managed to get inside the mysterious Area 51.  But, if those people knew what really went on there, they’d run for the hills and keep on running.  Katy’s not there because she wants to be.  She got trapped by Daedalus, an offshoot of the DOD and is being tested, experimented on and…. violated–all for the sake of the “greater good”.  She needs to escape, but how? Nobody knows where she is, the place makes Fort Knox look like it’s made out of Lego bricks, and it’s covered in an onyx and diamond combination that weakens her beyond repair.

Katy’s been captured by Daedalus and that S.O.B. Blake is the reason behind it.  Daemon can’t just let her stay there, so, much to his family’s dismay, he does the only thing he can… he goes after her.  When he willingly crosses enemy territory and sees what’s behind the walls of the DOD’s brain-child, he can’t believe what he finds.  The only thing he can believe is that he needs to get himself and Katy out of there as soon as humanly (or super-humanly) possible.5 Stars

If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m actually reading this series for the first time.  I know, where have I been?! But, to be honest, I’m glad I’m just now getting to it, because that means it will be fresh in my mind when Oblivion is released on December first!

So, I know the cover of this book is butt-ugly.  I’m sorry, but it just is.  It doesn’t fit AT ALL with the first 3 covers in the series, and honestly it’s too brightly colored for the content of the story.  However, that is the only gripe I have with the book itself.  I could go on for hours about why you have to drop everything and read this book right this second, but instead, I’m going to give you my top 5 reasons why I loved Origin.

  1. Dual/Alternating POV

Why, yes. Yes I do…

FINALLY! We get to read Daemon’s point of view.  I just absolutely love Daemon as a character, and his voice in this story is perfect.  He’s still a bit of a cocky butt hole, but it made my tummy flutter to read how raw and completely open he is when it comes to his feelings for Katy.  I mean, after the second book, there wasn’t really any doubt about how he felt, but to read it in his own words was just a totally different experience that really had a way of defining the entire novel for me.




2. Daedalusmyth2

Prior to this novel, we’d heard of Daedalus, and learned enough about them to hate them, but we really had more questions than answers.  When Katy gets captured by them, a shit-can of worms is opened up.  Not only do we learn more of Daedalus’s dastardly deeds, but we actually get to learn some of the reasoning behind them.  They’re still evil, nasty, horrid little buggers, but JLA adds a whole level of “creep” in Origin.  This is not only because of what exactly Daedalus does, but also because they think they’re doing the right thing!

3.  Origins

purple-eyes-eyes-7648017-500-355I won’t spoil the novel for you, but let’s just say there’s a new kid (species) in town and they have crazy purple eyes (remember Luc?).  I absolutely love this twist on the whole alien-human-hybrid story line and the existence of these beings is going to be a MAJOR game changer for the finale of the series.  These guys kick major ass and I have to admit, I might be swayed to cheat on Daemon a little bit, because we’re introduced to a new character as we meet the origins who is just all kinds of swoon worthy!

4. DEE!!!!!

Dee’s back. Dee’s back. Happy Happy tumblr_melc23r0xf1qzmkxio1_250Dance, DEE IS BACK!  Okay, so, towards the end of Opal, Dee finally comes around to realizing that Katy is not, in fact, the spawn of Satan.  But, before we can really be confident and breathe a little about their friendship renewal, the book ends.  With Origin, even though Katy is not actually present when the book starts, we really get to see just how much of a change of heart Dee has had, and it really just made me all gooey inside.  Truly, it restored my faith in (in)humanity a little bit….

5. Game Changers

tumblr_nwjhp82Vi61uwike0o1_500Holy Freakin’ Alien Babies!  This novel is chock-full of game changers!  I mentioned earlier about the introduction of the origins, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  I won’t get into detail, but there’s some stuff between Katy and Daemon, Dawson and Beth, Daedalus, and a batch of Luxen that we have yet to meet that is totally going to tip your world off its axis.  To say any more would put me in that ever-hated group of book spoilers that we all loathe, but trust me, if you think you know what’s going on in the Lux series, you truly have no idea!

So, that’s all for Origin!  Be sure to check out my thoughts on the rest of the Lux Series! Hint: I’ll also be posting about Shadows and Obsession.  These books are technically part of the Lux universe, but not part of the series.

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