The Giving Way to Happiness Blitz: How I Give

In celebration of Thanksgiving weekend and the beginning of the holiday season, I’m happy to showcase a book all about giving and share with you guys my favorite (bookish) way to give back!
We often focus on how our gifts can help those in need. But the act of giving actually improves our own lives as well. In The Giving Way to Happiness, Jenny Santi overturns conventional thinking about what it takes to be happy by revealing how giving to others—whether in the form of money, expertise, time, or love—has helped people from all walks of life find purpose and joy. Drawing on the wisdom of great thinkers past and present, as well as cutting-edge scientific research, Santi makes an eloquent and passionate case that oftentimes the answers to the problems that haunt us, and the key to the happiness that eludes us, lie in helping those around us.

charity-the-giving-way-to-happiness-jenny-santi-mainThis book is filled with inspiring stories told firsthand by Academy Award winner Goldie Hawn, Noble Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, supermodel Christy Turlington Burns, Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp, philanthropist Richard Rockefeller, environmentalist Philippe Cousteau, activist Ric O’Barry, bestselling author Isabel Allende, ALS survivor Augie Nieto, and many others from all over the world. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they have all found unexpected happiness and fulfillment through giving. This book tells us not just how they changed the world but also how their acts changed their very own lives

**When you view this book on Amazon, you will be taken to a page to choose a charity to which Amazon will donate money each time you make a purchase**

How I Give:

booksOne of my favorite charities to support is a local one here in Maryland called Books for International Goodwill.  I’ve talked about this organization here and there on the blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever really gone into detail about what exactly it is. 

The mission and purpose of Books for International Goodwill is actually two-fold.

  1.  They collect and palletize donated books and send them in large shipments to developing countries.  To-date, BIG has sent over 200 container loads (containing appx. 20,000 books each) to in-need communities in Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.  You can see more about these shipments here: BIG Success Storiesheight.125.no_border.width.220.jpg
  2. A smaller, lesser known portion of BIG’s purpose is to send boxes of books to military and peace corps personnel overseas.  Requests are sent to BIG with a list of specific authors, genres or books that an individual is looking for, and volunteers scour the shelves at the BIG warehouse to pack a box with the requested books to be sent out.soldierreading

Books for International Goodwill funds these shipments in two ways.  Obviously, they collect monetary donations through their website, but their biggest source of income is through their book sales.  BIG collects books from the community year-round, and every 6-8 weeks they hold a sale.  Of course, I attend this sale every time:-D  I also give back to BIG by donating my time.  Since the organization is 100% volunteer-run, they are always looking for people to help shelve, organize, and box books.  My favorite part of volunteering is being able to search for and box the books for soldier requests.


If you’re interested in giving to BIG, here is the link with everything you need:

How to Help B.I.G

And… last, but not least, in the spirit of giving, I have a great giveaway for you!Wunderkind PR is going to donate $50.00 to the charity of the winner’s choice!  Click the link below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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