Supply List for: Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy and her mom made a drastic move from sunny Florida to the mountains of West Virginia just before her senior year of high school.  While in some ways a fresh start is nice, Katy is less than pleased with starting over in this bum-eff-nowhere town.  She has every intention of spending the year she has left before college holed-up in her room, working on her book blog and being otherwise bored out of her skull.

That is, until she meets the next door neighbors.  Dee is sweet, kind, gregarious, and impossible not to love.  Her twin brother Daemon, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.  He’s so attractive, he’s almost painful to look at.  That pain is only matched when he opens his mouth.  Daemon is a class-A, no holds barred, douche-bag of the highest order.

As Katy spends more time with her neighbors, she begins to notice that they’re a bit….odd. She can’t really put her finger on what makes them different and brushes it off as a product of her over-active imagination.  All of that changes when Katy is attacked by a stranger dressed all in black and Daemon, of all people, comes to her rescue.5 StarsNobody told me I was going to need a cache of supplies before I started reading this novel, so let me tell you now.  You’ll need to have some things on hand before you dive in:


Once I picked this book up (at 8 o’clock at night… silly me), I was completely unable to put it down.  It grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go.  There was no cooking dinner for me, no pausing to eat, drink, sleep, or even sneeze, until I finished with Obsidian.  If you are planning to dive into this book (which I HIGHLY suggest you do), have food on hand that you can eat while reading….think sandwich, banana, smoothies… because you won’t want to waste your valuable reading time on something so mundane as a fork and knife.



Not only will you need water for sustenance during your inevitable book-binge, but you will ABSOLUTELY need it to cool down.  This book is hot, steamy, swoon-worthy and just plain “DAMN” in every way possible.    The chemistry between Katy and Daemon absolutely sizzles. It quite literally made me sweat.  Thank God I read this on Kindle, because there were several instances when I had to step into the crisp November air just to cool myself down, and that wouldn’t have been possible with a book that I need light to read.


There were a few memorable moments with Obsidian that I found myself choking down a sob, sniffling a little, or outright bawling.  Most of those, I can’t talk about without spoilers, but I will tell you this.  Throughout the course of the novel, I learned to love these characters SO much that when they hurt, I hurt.  Even something as benign (but still douchy) as Daemon being a dick-wad to Katy and hurting her feelings had me hurting with her and subsequently sobbing into a pillow because NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD NEED TISSUES!


Stress Ball:

You will need this for two reasons

1- Holy sexual tension batman! There is so much “Will they?” “Are they about to?” “NO? DAMMIT!” in Obsidian, that if you don’t want the neighbors filing a noise complaint, you will need something to squeeze the living daylights out of.  Otherwise, the stream of consciousness that may force itself out of you would be at a very high volume and contain most, if not all of the 7 words you can’t say on television.

2- Obsidian is very swoony, and at times very sweet, but, it is definitely not for the faint of heart.  This novel is so action-packed that you’ll have a hard time catching up to yourself.  Squeezing a stress ball may allow you to expel some of that energy and completely absorb the awesomeness of the battle scenes in the book.

A Very Large Glass of Wine:

This is a must.  If you don’t drink wine, find your calm-the-hell-down equivalent and go with it.  When I was finished with Obsidian, I felt like I had had a romp while riding a death-defying roller coaster that paused only to take part in WW III.  I was truly unaware that my heart could handle that erratic of a rhythm, much less that a book could cause it.  Needless to say, the wine was necessary.


Onyx (Lux #2):

Another must.  When I got to about the 70% point, I started getting panicky.  When I reached 85%, I started hyperventilating (almost).  Neither of these reactions had anything (or much) to do with what was going on in the story at that time.  The panic was setting in simply in anticipation of its ending.  In order to prevent this unfortunate side-effect of Obsidian, doctors recommend having a dose of Onyx on hand.

Side Note: Obsidian is available for free on Amazon Kindle right now… I would STRONGLY suggest taking advantage of that.


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