The Shelfie Hop: I Love My Library!

Welcome to the first ever Shelfie Hop! It’s hosted by Bookiemojie and My Friends Are Fiction and is an opportunity for all of us bibliophiles to show off our bookshelves, feature our favorites, and hop around and share in each others’ bookish glee!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to not only see a 360 view of my library, but a comprehensive list of all the other blogs participating in the hop!


I’m lucky enough to have an entire room in my house dedicated to my books!  It’s got bookshelves that encompass every available space on my walls, and I even removed the closet doors and stuck a book case in there!  In case you couldn’t tell by the name of my blog, my library has yellow walls with green curtains:-)  It also has the comfiest chair known to man and two storage benches in the middle that house blankets, and you guessed it… more books!  Overall, I have roughly 1400 books in my library, which are mostly in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.  I also have about 200 in my car that have yet to be shelved, but that’s a project for another day….or month.

Here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite collections in my library:

MY Jane AUsten Collection:

Not as cool as it sounds, but still pretty cool.  Over the years, I’ve managed to amass a ridiculous amount of Jane Austen-related literature.  So much so, in fact, that it occupies an entire bookcase and I’ve run out of room.  Here you can find anything from modern re-tellings, to period-appropriate “sequels”, biographies of Austen, fiction based on her life, and even a few tomes that re-imagine her characters as vampires.IMG_1868

 My “Pretty Books”

This is the book case that I had to re-purpose the closet for.  I’m a sucker for a good, old, smelly book….or one that’s leather-bound with gold edging, regardless of age (like the collectible editions put out by Barnes & Noble).  For a while, I had them all lined up on top of all my shelves, but when I ran out of room there, I decided they needed a place of their own.  My friends call them my “pretty books” because they don’t mass produce beauties like these anymore.

IMG_1869 IMG_1870

My Harry Potter Collection (You So Knew This Was Coming):

If you’ve ever even taken a glimpse at my blog, you know I’m a total Potterhead.  So, it should come as no surprise that I have hard-cover first edition copies of all seven Harry Potter books.  For most of them, I camped outside of a book store waiting for the midnight release.  Some of them aren’t in perfect condition, but this happens when you start a collection before you have an appreciation for book preservation.


In addition to my Potter books, I have an unruly obsession with collecting books about Harry Potter.  I have everything ranging from books like Harry Potter and Philosophy, to the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  I love them dearly and I doubt I’ll ever stop collecting them!


Want to see the rest of my shelves?

Ok, so this video is ginormous and WordPress won’t let me resize it.  Thus, it’s at the end of the post where it’s the least intrusive.  Here’s a 360 view of my book room, shelves, comfy chair, and all:-)

And Last But certainly not least:

Here is a list of the other blogs participating in #TheShelfieHop! Be sure to check them out and show them some love!


9 thoughts on “The Shelfie Hop: I Love My Library!

  1. Laura@125Pages says:

    I am so jealous that you have a full room for your books. I have 6 bookshelves stuck in three different rooms and all are double and triple stacked. I keep telling my kids when they move out I’m converting their rooms to my library. 🙂


  2. laurelrainsnow says:

    Wow!I I also had over 1400 print books before I started purging. Unlike you, mine are scattered on individual shelves throughout my home, with two fairly large shelves in the living room.

    I also re-purposed a closet in my office for bookshelves…but during the purges, I removed the shelves and now it is my little Writing Nook, with tables and laptop, etc.

    Perhaps if I had one room devoted to books, I wouldn’t be donating so many…but they were literally taking over the house. I had five shelves in my bedroom, two in the hallway, two in the living room, three in the office….even the pantry served as a bookish zone.

    Thanks for sharing…loved the video!


  3. chuffwrites says:

    Oh my goodness, that video just kept going and going! Totally green with envy at your gorgeous collection. The Jane Austen bookshelf! All those beautiful leather-bounds! And I’m a total sucker for books related to Harry Potter, too — I remember sitting down in a Books-A-Million once and reading an entire book theorizing what was going to happen in Order of the Phoenix in one sitting. XD


  4. Cee says:

    I love that you have a Jane Austen Collection. I think everybody should collect some kind of classic literature book. I have A LOT of Edith Wharton books. 😀

    I wish I had enough room to get those gold embossed books. They’re just soooo pretty.


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