Release Excerpt: Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

Happy Release Day to

by J.R. Stewart!

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Don’t-Ever-Call-Her-Larissa Kenders is a punk-rocker hellbent on saving the world through her angry sounding music and surly attitude (with a little civil disobedience thrown in for fun). When the earth is depleted of its bee population, Kenders and the rest of the Earth’s populace are left with a desolate world devoid of animals, plants, and anything that isn’t some dingy shade of brown.

Given the sad state of reality, concessions must be made in an attempt to keep up the morale of the people. Kenders’ fiance, Andrew is the lead coder in the creation of a continuously evolving virtual reality called “Nirvana”.  When Andrew disappears and Kenders is forced to identify his burned-beyond-recognition body, the last thing on the planet that Kenders can count on and love is now gone.  In an effort to escape her grief, Kenders finds herself spending more time in Nirvana.  In Nirvana, Kenders can spend more time with Andrew.  Even if he is a cheek-bite virtual version of the man she loves, she is able to find some solace and a small bit of peace in the time she gets to spend with him.  But when “virtual” Andrew breaks script and asks for her help, Kenders is filled with hope and can’t help buy comply with his plan to take down Hexagon, the organization that runs every aspect of their lives; good, bad, ugly, and even virtual.



So, a TON of people received this book (no request needed) from NetGalley.  Unfortunately, many who read it only read the FIRST version, and not the revised version the publisher sent out last month.  I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t actually read it until after the revised version was released!  That being said, I’m completely IN LOVE with this story!  Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes (or, at least, the only one that didn’t have spoilers!):

I’m back in my room. I stare at the wall for a long time, hoping Andrew will come back to me, but the watch is black and lifeless. It’s a prototype, and I have no clue how it works. Someone bangs on my door but I ignore them, continuing to stare at the wall, and trying to figure out what just happened.
Chopper won’t stop his barking at the persistent knocking, so eventually I open the door. A tall woman with cropped black hair blocks the doorway. “Where’s Andrew?”
“He isn’t here.”
“When did he leave?”
I size up the crow’s feet on her round face, the simple band on her stubby finger, and figure she’s the same age as my mother. Both exude blatant disregard for the younger generation.
“I don’t know.”
“Where’s his computer?”
She steps into the doorway, but I block her. “What is this about?” I demand.
Her eyes are like smoke, and stone cold. “We need to see his files.”
“Do you have a warrant?” I ask, distracted by Chopper’s growling as he stands next to my leg.
“We don’t need one.” She pushes past me with a thug flanking her, and struts into the room. Chopper bares his teeth, and with one quick flick of her hand she restrains him with a rope. I lunge at her, but the thug holds me back while she drags my dog to the bedroom and closes the door.
“Relax, he’s not hurt.” Her voice is hard and cold.
I yank one arm free and lunge again, but her fingers wrap around mine before I can even come close to her face. She clamps down hard, but looks surprised at my attack. You haven’t seen anything yet.
“One more step and I’ll call security,” I threaten. They don’t scare me.
She’s wearing a white shirt tucked into a pencil skirt, and she flashes a badge along with her thug. The name “Paloma” is all I see before she closes it.
“I am security,” she snarls.

borderWhere to Get it:

Nirvana is out in stores today, and trust me, YOU DON’T WANT TO PASS IT UP!  Need more convincing?

Read My Review Here


This book can be purchased from either of the following places:


Barnes and Noble





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