Sunday Wrap-Up: November 1, 2015

Welcome to my weekly Sunday Wrap-Up.  Here you’ll find what I’ve been up to this week: An overview of my posts, My weekly book haul, and my favorite post on another blog that I’ve read this week.  Enjoy 🙂

Weekly Happenings:

This week, I did some more stuff with my planner (mostly erasing everything else I did before, and re-doing it in color-coded pens), and changed the background/layout a little on my blog, but not too much else of note.

However, I do have some really cool community events coming up that I’m super excited about, so let’s discuss those, shall we?

Event #1:

Blogging UBlogging U- Blogging 101: Zero to Hero

This is actually a consistent blogging “school” run by WordPress to help its users become better bloggers.  This one offers different assignments every weekday from November 2- November 20, so I’m excited to see what’s in store for me here:-)

Event #2:

guestofthemonth-clubGuest of the Month Club:

This was created by Emily @ Emily Reads Everything and essentially pairs bloggers together to write guest posts for each other’s blogs, getting to know one another in the process.  This being the first month for GOMC, I’m really excited to see how it goes! I think it’s a fabulous idea to make our little book-blogging community more tight-knit, yet more inclusive all at the same time:-)

Event #3:

pocketlettersPOCKET LETTERS!

This is a creative pen-pal program hosted by Andi @ Andi’s ABCs.  I’d never heard about pocket letters before I signed up for this, but, again, I’m stoked to meet more people in the blogging community and get to flex my creative muscles in the process!  Sign-ups are still live until November 3rd, so go check it out!

Event #4:

SecretSanta6Secret Santa:

I’ve really been all about community this week!  This is another partner-related program hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and they’ve had some AMAZING participation since they started it 6 years ago!  Sign-ups for this one are still open until November 12, so hop on over and join the fun!

Posts from this Week:

Unfortunately, I didn’t review as much as I normally do this week.  I tried to slog through a book that I really wasn’t feeling, and that took a couple of days out of my “enjoyable reading” time.  But, I did participate in a challenge that I had a lot of fun with and got to share some stuff that I normally wouldn’t talk about much:

nirvanaOctober 27: Review: Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

This book was offered up for free on NetGalley, no request necessary, so A LOT of people had the opportunity to read it.  It sat on my Kindle for a long time, and I more or less forgot about it.  But, I got an email from the publisher stating that due to poor feedback, the author had completely re-done the novel.  I devoured this baby in 1 day and absolutely loved it!

October 28: Sometimes I Feel Like a Fraud.Fraud

So I went on a little melodramatic binge.  A lot of my friends, and a lot of book bloggers have read all (or most of) the important “classics”.  I haven’t.  Sometimes that makes me feel a little out of my league, so, as any well-adjusted adult would do, I blogged about it.

3DaysOctober 29-31: 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

I really really loved doing this challenge.  I chose 1 quote from a YA book, 1 from a Children’s book, and 1 from an Adult book, and got to talk about some personal stuff….

October 31: Review: Perfected by Kate Jarvik BirchPerfected

Entangled Teen did it to me again.  I was approved for the sequel to this book on NetGalley, so naturally, I had to purchase and read Perfected first.  As seems to be the case with anything I read from Entangled Teen, I freakin loved it.  And, spoiler alert: I read the second one yesterday and loved that even more!

This Week’s Book Haul:

On Saturdays when I’m not at a book sale, I get up early and get in line for the Baltimore Book Thing.  I can’t say enough about this place.  It’s literally a warehouse full of free books in downtown Baltimore.  You go with a box, bag, whatever, fill it to your heart’s desire, and leave.  I usually end up with 30-50 books, and I don’t have the patience to list them all here, so I’m just going to highlight some of my favorite acquisitions this week:-)

    • The Darcy Saga- Sharon Lathan: I love all things Austen, and especially anything dealing with Pride and Prejudice.  This saga actually has 5 books, but I was thrilled to get the first 3 in one shot:-)
    • Mrs. Poe- Lynn Cullen: I read Twain’s End a couple weeks ago, and wasn’t totally enthralled.  But, Mrs. Poe has gotten rave reviews, and being from Baltimore, I’m genetically Poe-obsessed.
    • Heather Wells Series- Meg Cabot: I’ve read Meg Cabot’s teen reads, including the Princess Diaries, but haven’t read these yet.  Honestly, it’s because although I appreciate that she touts that size 14 isn’t fat…what about beyond that (insert personal neurosis)
      • The Last Song- Nicholas Sparks: Ok, don’t judge me, but I have all of Nicholas Sparks’ books that have been turned into movies.  I had this one with the movie cover, and that’s a personal pet peeve of mine, so I was happy to grab up a copy with the original cover.


Book Mail This Week:FullSizeRender

No book mail this week, BUT I did get some pretty awesome swag from Emily @ Emily Reads Everything!  Complete with a most excellent Charleston Heston Stamp 😉

Post of The Week:

9780385376563I try to spend at least a few hours a week reading other blog posts and my favorite find this week was “Review: Reawakened- no, just no” by Tash over at Books with Chemistry. I’d never heard about this book, but stumbled across the review at some point in my blog wanderings this week.  I laughed so hard, I know I cried…. I might have had to run to the bathroom too… I’ll Never tell!

That’s all for this week!

As Always,

Happy Reading


8 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up: November 1, 2015

  1. emilyreadseverything says:

    Glad you got it! I signed up for Pocket Letter Swap and the Secret Santa swap. You should probably start talking to @trippingbooks, @withthebanned and @bookaddictsguide so hopefully you can get into #OTSPSecretSister in February too.


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