My Blog is NOT a Hobby! (Rant)


1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a full-time occupation


That’s the definition of “hobby.”  Ok, fine, maybe by this definition, blogging technically is a hobby.  But, does anybody else get that little obnoxious tick when somebody refers to your blog as a hobby?  I talk about my blog a lot.  It comes up in almost every conversation, and everything I read or see on the internet instantly inspires some kind of blog-related thought.  On more than one occasion, some well meaning friend or family member has said something along the lines of “it’s so nice that you have a hobby” or “your new hobby sounds like so much fun!”  To be honest, although I know they’re trying to be nice, it kinda makes me want to punch them (lightly, and rarely in the face).qt2Mjmd

I’ve had hobbies, lots of them.  Rarely have any of them stuck.  I’ve collected, cross-stitched, drawn, and for a minute, decoupaged.  These were things that I played around with.  They were things I did for me and nobody else.  I did them to relax; sometimes often, and sometimes I wouldn’t touch them for months at a time.  My blog feels like so much more than that.  True, it’s not a full-time job and I’m not getting paid for it (at least not in the traditional green-money sense).  But, it’s not a solitary or wholly relaxing endeavor.  I DO have to worry about other people.  I have to make sure I’m writing something that will be enjoyable to my readers (not just myself).  I have to worry about deadlines! Publishers get a little miffed if you don’t write a review of the ARC they’ve given you before the pub date (I found THAT out the hard way).  I have to make sure I’m posting often and keeping my posts up to date with what I’m reading/what I’ve read.  I have to worry about grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, and all the other myriad of things one worries about when they’re doing something they take seriously; writing a college paper, for instance- not when they’re participating in a hobby.

wheredoistartimageI don’t think I quite realized what I was getting into when I started this almost 2 months ago.  My thought process was “Oh! This will be fun!”.  I didn’t anticipate how all-encompassing starting a blog would be.  I’m constantly on Twitter and Goodreads and Google +; the first I’d always hated, the second I never used to its full potential, and the third I’d barely heard of.  I had to learn WordPress.  I actually started my blog on Wix, but it truly was a solitary thing.  There’s no community on Wix.  You can’t follow, like, comment, etc.  Community is such an important part of the blogoshpere, it didn’t take long for me to realize this wasn’t going to work.  Thus, WordPress.  WordPress is definitely a learning process and it took me weeks to figure out where or how to even start.

I honestly can’t think of any other “hobby” that requires as much prep work as blogging. In addition to having to learn WordPress, I do research for my posts.  If I’m going to write about something other than a book review, I spend hours reading about it.   Sure, you read things here and there with other “hobbies”.  You look up new techniques, how-to, etc, but, I think the volume of research I do takes blogging out of the realm of “hobby”ism.  At least, book blogging.  I don’t know about other kinds of blogs, but I have a feeling that many other kinds of bloggers would say the same thing.
I feel almost belittled when someone refers to my blog as merely a hobby.  In my mind, their voice inflection and face when they talk about my “hobby” is the same one a person would possess when looking at a puppy.  “Aw, isn’t that cute! Coochy coochy coo!”  This is something I take seriously and intend on participating in and growing for a very long time.  Sure, it will probably change and morph over the years, but I’ve finally found something that suits me to a tee, something I love and something I’m passionate about.  To have it reduced to merely a “hobby”, regardless of the intent, is borderline offensive.  Does anyone else feel this way, or am I own little ranty island with this?


8 thoughts on “My Blog is NOT a Hobby! (Rant)

  1. Angelspearl says:

    Yes! Someone finally speaks up about this. People dont get that running a blog is dedication and lots of hard work. I have had mine since the start of this year and i still wonder what i got myself into. But yes i agree that people need to respect the amount of investment that goes into managing a book blog. My reading can be a hobby but blogging is totally different story. Heres to your blogg8ng journey. I say just tune out the people that think its a hobby.


    • Trisha says:

      Reading and book collecting (guilty!) are in most cases, certainly hobbies. Nobody else is effected or worried about what you’re doing and they’re, in most cases, purely for enjoyment. I remember one instance when I was telling a friend of mine that I was starting a blog. His response was “Why is it that every female I know feels the need to blog?” I swear. I’ve never felt so belittled and put down in my life, even though he clearly didn’t mean it that way. I just hate having to justify what I’m doing all the time….

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  2. Doug says:

    Given that “blog” is a bastardization of the coined tech term “Weblog” and overall ugly in it’s noun/verb interchangeability, is it any wonder most see it as a temporary and silly undertaking.

    “Blog” lacks a purposeful pretension, which is why, I’d wager, the option to “Portfolio” one’s post was soon scripted to toggle. “I have an Portfolio of poems,” as opposed to a blog of rhymes is telling in the introduction.. irrespective of the quality of the volume proffered…don’t ya think?

    But Portfolio is still the stuttering stepchild trying to find voice and purchase in on-line presentations, excepting Brooklyn based and bearded- bun wearing template developers. Just fun’in, sorta.

    Now me. I’m thinking of posting on/in an “An Open And Ongoing Archive Of Correspondency… Or, The Lack Thereof.”

    Anyway, I’m with you. If one is not being taken seriously in a serious undertaking, than a rant is a righteous endeavor. And you made your “not a hobby” case. Well done.

    Hang in there and,


    • Trisha says:

      I cannot begin to tell you how much this made me laugh when I read it this morning! It’s nice to read something from somebody who obviously loves words as much as I do! I’m on board with the “Archive of Correspondency” thing, but it seems the majority of internet frequenters are remiss to allow that many syllables to protrude from their mouths (or through their thoughts) at one time!

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      • Doug says:

        Well Trisha, I’m so glad you enjoyed my little rejoinder, which led to a rant of my own, with a cut and paste of my response from here, and a couple of links back to your original post. Wheels within wheels and such.

        Stay well,


  3. laurelrainsnow says:

    Yes, saying blogging is a hobby definitely trivializes the pursuit…and there is nothing trivial about blogging. I love books and even movies in which the character is blogging, and in every case, the activity sounds very serious. Like the real life story of Julie and Julia, in which Julie blogged and cooked Julia Childs’s recipes for a year and blogged about them. That became a novel and a movie. Nothing “hobby-ish” about that.

    Great post!


    • Trisha says:

      Agreed! I recently read “Anna and the French Kiss” and the main character is a movie blogger. I think that was one of my favorite (albeit underrated) parts of the book!


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