Emily and Einstein: A Novel of Second Chances

4 StarsSandy, an inherently wealthy and pompous….well….jerk is involved in a fatal car accident on the night he plans on asking his loving and devoted wife for a divorce.  Faced with the jarring realization that upon his demise, Sandy is about to board the proverbial south-bound train, he begs for a second chance.  His request is granted, although not in the fashion he would have preferred.  Sandy is given a second chance by way of his soul merging with that of a mangy, if not ugly, dog named Einstein.  Einstein is nothing if not the true physical embodiment of Sandy’s soul; a true DOG through and through.

 In order for Sandy/Einstein to change his eternal fate, he must find redemption and make right the life that he spent his human years destroying in every way possible, starting with his relationship with his wife, Emily.  He must make a journey of self-discovery and think of and do for someone other than himself for the first time in his life.

 Although the plot seemed different and intriguing, I expected this book to be light and breezy, if not a bit on the “bubble gum” side of the literary spectrum.  I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!  This book is as much about Emily’s journey of self-discovery as it is about Sandy/Einstein’s.  It’s a novel of hope, love, and the survivalist nature of the human spirit.  It reminds the reader that anything can be overcome with strength, perseverance, and a little bit of faith. 

 This is a common theme in contemporary literature, but this novel did it with a flare and realism seldom achieved in other stories.  It had me alternately laughing, yelling, and at the end, crying like a complete lunatic.  I loved every second of it.


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